On September 11, 2014, Dr. James Mahshie, Chair of the George Washington University Speech and Hearing Science Department and the lead researcher for the Cochlear Implant Communication Lab (CICL), is presenting the most recent work on Intonation production by children with cochlear plants at the 6th International Conference on Tone and Intonation in Europe (TIE) in Utrecht, Netherlands.  He is presenting the research study conducted by CICL, titled, "Development of intonation production for yes/no questions and statements by English speaking children with cochlear implants."  The aim of the research is to examine developmental changes over a one-year period in production of intonation distinctions between declarative and interrogative sentences in young children with cochlear implants and exploring how these patterns compare to the productions of hearing children.


Please visit http://www.tie2014.com to read the full abstract for this study.

Dr. James Mahshie | George Washington University | Department of Speech and Hearing Science
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